How Eye Health Has Deteriorated In Modern Times

If you want to maintain good eye health, it is advisable to go about it in a similar way to taking care of your general health. Like the rest of the body, the eyes need good nutrition, exercise and occasional examinations by a physician.

It would be much easier to look after our eyes nutritionally if we could count on a wholesome and balanced diet. Unfortunately, modern living has made it that no such guarantees are available. Today, food is plentiful and with glottalization, we have access to the widest range of food in human history. The problem is that modern agriculture and preservation techniques have meant that food has lost a lot of its potency although it looks very good on supermarket shelves. You cannot be sure of the best eye health if your food intake is solely reliant on mass marketed produce.

The conglomerates behind most foods we see adorning our supermarket shelves are very apt and clever at convincing us that their food is healthy. Products such as corn and wheat are processed until they are virtually devoid of nutritional value. Advertisers tell us they have been ‘fortified with vitamins,’ this supposedly rendering them healthy again. Good eye health depends a lot on omega 3 content in the diet but you cannot source this from frozen packaged fish products alone. You will need to supplement it with reliably produced fish oil available in bottles or capsules. Otherwise, you will need access to a steady flow of freshwater fish that you can eat raw or lightly cooked within hours of it being caught.

Modern living has meant that our eyes don’t get as much exercise as they need. In the past much of our work for survival was done out of doors. This meant that we put our eyes to better use because we were forced to take in visual information from a variety of ranges and differences in light intensity. We would look far into the distance for prey or enemies in the bright light of day and also peer closely at handicrafts in much dimmer conditions. Today, our eyes are put to less varied work as most of what has to be done is within easy eye range. In addition, new light sources from computer screens and super bright fluorescents, have impaired eye health generally. Children should be encouraged to do outdoor sports such as baseball and golf to give them regular eye exercise.

Anyone serious about eye health will include regular visits to an optician as part of their annual schedule. An eye professional will be able to detect developing eye problems and with early treatment, arrest any further decline in sight.

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Deteriorated Health modern Times

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