Create Healthy Restaurant Recipes Rather Than Their Unhealthy Original Recipes

Many people have this habit: you go out to eat and order, only to realize the meal you’re about to eat is the most heart-attack-making dish you could ever eat. Many who face this fact will simply go ahead and eat the scrumptious, grease-coated burger or Alfredo sauce brimming with fat. Now you can make these recipes into healthy restaurant recipes.

You can always simply ask your waitress if the cook can make some changes to make your recipes more healthy at the restaurant. Sometimes you’ll be granted your request, other times you may be getting a special “extra credit” from the chef. A better way to go about it is to find your favorite dish online and simply make it healthy yourself, leaving off the unhealthy elements.

One of the easiest ways to turn these favorite recipes into healthy versions is to broil any meat. This beats cooking on the grill, where the meat is often left full of its own blood and dripping grease, or being fried. Try broiling, and also avoid overloading the butter. You can get the buttery taste with just a little pat of butter, but more will only hurt your arteries.

If it’s ‘taters you’re after, then you’re in luck. Those are easy to make into healthy restaurant recipes. Leave the dairy products in the fridge with your home made ‘taters. Just use a teaspoon of margarine and low-cal sour cream instead. You don’t want to sacrifice taste absolutely when eating healthy, but you will need to portion.

When you’re dining out, you notice that the sauces and gravies smother the food. This is plainly not an option if you’re watching what you eat. You’ll want instead to portion the sauces and the gravies. Just ask for a side bowl and then dip your food into the sauce. You’ll be surprised how much healthier this change is for you!

If you create a few healthy restaurant recipes, you won’t want to restrict your endeavors to the entre. You should re-tool your salad, as well. Salads are great in themselves – veggies are great, right? The trouble comes when the veggie goodness is coated in fat-saturated dressing and toppings like bacon bits. Try replacing your normal dressing with a vinaigrette, home-made, or a squeeze of lime.

The last tip you should try is not to bread anything, and you never want to fry any food. You can go ahead and enjoy a fried meal or other side twice a month as a “reward” for being good in your food choices. These foods really need to be restricted in your diet, however, as they’re so unhealthy.

Making your favorite dishes into healthy restaurant recipes is a breeze if you do it well. You have the controls at your fingertips in your kitchen – you control what sauces, cooking methods and such that goes into your food. So don’t hesitate to try these meals at home the right way.

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Create Healthy Original Rather Recipes Restaurant Than Their Unhealthy

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