Add Weight Training To Your Health And Fitness Regime

Most women are not aware of an important part of health and fitness. This is weight training and only about 20% of all women partake in some type of weight training. Weight training is important if you are interested in loosing weight or just maintaining your current weight. It is also important to keep your bones strong.

While cardio exercises will burn more calories over the course of the session. Once you are done your body goes back to its normal calorie burn rate. However if you lift weights you will burn more calories overall. You will burn 100 more calories over a 24 hour period by lifting weights then you would by doing cardio alone.

Additionally muscle is important for your metabolism as the amount of fat you can burn is directly linked to the amount of muscle you have. You burn more calories throughout the day because you have more muscle that needs energy. If you replace fat with muscle you will burn more calories just by sitting down.

It is also known that if you only do aerobic exercise the weight you are losing is not purely fat. You also will lose muscle. You also will get toned and firm up your muscles. This provides muscle definition without getting too bulky.

When you incorporate weight training into your exercise you need to keep track of your measurements besides your weight. With weight training you may not necessarily lose weight because muscle weights more then fat but you will drop a clothing size.

Because weight lifting adds muscle you should not rely solely on measuring your weight as your success story. You should also take your measurements as you may not lose weight, as muscle weighs more than fat, but you will find that your clothing size will decrease. Weight lifting has exceptional results and should be added to your exercise regime.

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